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“Season all your grain offerings with salt, to remind you of God’s covenant.  Never forget to add salt to your grain offering.” Leviticus 2:13

I had a dream two nights ago in which I was told I would die before that day’s end.
In the dream, I remember taking the information in, paralyzed by my thoughts.  I was standing in the middle of a busy downtown-type area, oddly calm as I analyzed which parts of me would remain behind to represent me in memory form.  All of a sudden, a slow, steady sense of understanding crept in.  I am only human.  In a few short hours, I won’t even be that.
What were the things I invested my life in that mattered? Really mattered
I found my answer in the most unexpected of ways!  The early chapters of the book of Leviticus describe how God explains to his people the proper way to make an offering pleasing to God.  In chapter two, the Lord explains to Moses:

“Season all your grain offerings with salt to remind you of God’s covenant.  Never forget to add salt to your grain offerings.”  (Leviticus 2:13)

In reading some of the explanatory notes in my Bible, I learned that salt symbolizes God’s activity in my life.  Salt penetrates, preserves, and aids in healing.  That is God’s Holy Spirit living within me, penetrating my heart, preserving my weak self from sin and healing the effects of my poor choices.  If I live my life as an act of thanksgiving to God for his salvation, that will empower me to live as a conduit of “salt” to those around me.  I want to be constantly living a life of God’s penetrating love, his preserving wisdom and his healing forgiveness, grace and truth.

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” (Matthew 5:13)

That’s what really matters.  When I die, I pray that what is left behind is the evidence of God’s salt in my life.

Challenge: How can I live every moment with salt?  How can I be God’s hands and feet within every presenting opportunity, and in that way make every moment wisely invested.  I will seek ways to penetrate, preserve and heal.


Dear Lord, you are my salt.  You impact every part of me.  You preserve me and keep me safe from my fears and foolishness.  You heal me from my sins and imperfect choices.  I love that you call me to imitate you in this way.  Give me strength and discernment so that I can do that in whatever way you ask with the time I have left here. Amen.

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I believe that you can bump into God outside of a Sunday morning church service. That is what Messy Worship is: a written meditation with an authentic, transparent take on the Bible's application to today's world. This is where I challenge myself to blurr the line between "life" and "worship" so much that the line disappears a little more each day. I hope, by sharing what I learn, the idea of a seamless life of worship becomes contagious.

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