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God wants to be involved in every part of our lives. That means worship can get kinda messy… and that’s okay!

NEW! The Million S.O.A.P. Challenge

Join me in my mission to see a million S.O.A.P.’s happen. I want you along on my adventure towards getting to know God one Bible chapter at a time. You can submit one or 101+ (or anything in between)! Visit my dedicated page to learn more or submit your S.O.A.P.!


Do you struggle with feeling overwhelmed by the Bible rather than excited about it?

Are you finding it impossible to stay focused on your faith in your daily life?

Have you ever wished your relationship with God felt more fun? Free? Fulfilling?

Yep. I did, too. And then I tried something crazy – I read through the entire Bible. I only read a chapter a day and it took me 8 years to do it, but I learned SO. MUCH. about who God is and what his purpose is for me.

Now I want to help others find what I found – a fun, fulfilling, grace-drenched relationship with God. That’s what Messy Worship is all about: tools, tips & tricks to help you feel your way towards finding God.

Ready For More?

A big part of learning and growing in your faith is exercising it. No matter what phase you are currently in, there’s always some way God can stretch you. Where are you looking for help, encouragement and tools to help you grow your relationship with him?



Are you just starting (or RE-starting) your faith journey? Let’s jump in together!



Ready to take on a challenge that will help you grow some deeper “faith roots”? Do it here!



Want ideas on where/how to start making disciples of all nations? Let’s start with your own backyard!



Feeling stuck or detached in your faith-walk? We’ve got your back.

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