Hi, I’m Emily!

I’m the voice [or founder & facilitator if we’re gonna be all fancy about it] of Messy Worship. But I also have a couple other awesome callings in life. I’m married to Mikey Krill – teacher and innovator extraordinaire. Together we raise FIVE sons. We also have a CCM worship band called His Way. I love talking/singing/writing about Jesus so much that I also partner with other Christian ministries as a content creator and strategist whenever I can. You can learn more about those partners at the bottom of this page.

About Messy Worship

I believe that worship can happen outside a church service and still be reverent AND real. I also believe that faith is a gift from God that allows us to have a fun and fulfilling relationship with him. That intersection of faith and humanity is called Messy Worship because – let’s face it – even on my best day, my attempt at worship is kind of discombobulated.

What began in 2013 as a simple goal to read and blog through the Bible quickly became about so much more. Now I write, life coach and speak about all the ways we can  Messy Worship:


  • Seeking God in simple, everyday moments
  • Overcoming the obstacles that are stopping you from having FUN with your faith
  • Identifying your God-given strengths (with Clifton Strengths) and using that understanding to worship God as you  live out a meaningful calling no matter where you are
  • Transforming life’s daily to-do’s into purposeful acts of worship
  • Digging into God’s word and learning how to use it
  • Practicing swapping out a standard of perfection for a standard of grace 


My hope is that this blog can encourage whoever visits that 1) you don’t have to be a Bible scholar to get something out of reading the Bible and 2) God wants time with us right where we are at in life – no matter where that is.

Messy Worship can apply to the times when you’re STARTING your faith, looking to begin STRENGTHENING it, curious about finding authentic ways of SHARING it with others or you’re stuck in a rut and need a SPARK. And, if you find yourself wanting to talk through something that doesn’t fall into one of those four categories, contact me. Chances are, whatever you’re wrestling with, you aren’t alone in that struggle.

Ministry Partners

Even a little thing like a blog still needs a village to keep it growing. Below are some of the awesome ministries and organizations that I have either written for, received support from or been strengthened by. Check ’em out!!

A women’s blog of devotions written FOR women BY women

Christian Contemporary band from the Milwaukee area helping to amplify your outreach

Christian Counseling and resource center in Muskego, WI dedicated to offer help and healing for body, mind, soul & spirit with counseling, support groups, mental health public events and more!

Awake and Alive exists to inspire hope filled Young Adults (18-25) through an encouraging, Christian community.

Offering custom WordPress web design, search engine optimization & compelling content writing for small to mid-sized businesses.