Would You Rather: The Philemon Edition

One of my boys is obsessed with “Would You Rather…” questions. I have to admit – once I tried a few, I was kinda hooked, too. (Actually, I’m really hooked. I told my husband that we should have a Would You Rather date where we go out for dinner and discuss Would You Rather questions […]

That Time the Bible Made Me Say “Wait… What?!”

Have you ever been watching a movie or listening to someone speak and think to yourself, “I totally know what’s going to happen next…” only to be completely wrong when you watch it all play out? It probably doesn’t happen all that often in day-to-day life? Most of our world (outside of extreme circumstances like… […]

If You REALLY Want to See Change, Go Beyond Self-Talk

What do you know about self-talk? I’m somewhat new to the topic but – the more I learn about it – the more I see the benefits. Self-talk is exactly what it sounds like: talking to yourself. It’s your internal (or external for some of us who aren’t afraid to look a little crazy) monologue. […]

What Does the Bible Say About How to Treat Women?

Some of you know this about me and some of you don’t: I am the only female in my household (except for the hamster – stay strong, sister). Seeing as how God decided to bless me with only male children, I think about this question a lot: If they only remember ONE THING I teach […]

Why Drink a Gallon of Water a Day?

Awhile back I had set a goal for myself to drink an entire gallon of water every day. Let me tell you – it’s really, REALLY challenging. You have to try to find a way to remember how much is left to drink throughout the day. You have to pee every 30 minutes LIKE CLOCKWORK. […]

What Does Your Sense of Smell & Your Conscience Have in Common?

Back in March of this year I completely lost my sense of taste and smell. Since then, many others have also experienced this odd phenomenon thanks to Covid-19. If you are one of the few who hasn’t experienced this, let me tell you – it was weird! I’ve lost partial sense of smell due to […]

Want to Simplify Your Parenting? Check this out.

On the first day of school this year, I got up early to read my Bible before I woke the kids up and all the craziness of the day began. The first day of school brings a whole mess of emotions with it (for me AND the kids) and I was feeling especially focused on […]

How to Achieve Harmony in 4 Steps

I am a huuuuuuuuuge sucker for any post that promises to resolve my issue in just a few, simple steps. Anyone else with me on that? And, while it’s not always a cure-all, those baby-stepped solutions always manage to help me out in at least one way: They remind me that even the most complicated […]

I Should Do WHAT With My Weaknesses?!

You know Paul from the Bible? If you do know who that is then, chances are, you know at least two things about him. 1) He used to be known as “Saul” in his former career as a Christian-killer, and 2) he boasted about his weaknesses. (For those of you who don’t know Paul, I […]

Breaking News: God Answers Prayers HIS Way

Confession time: Most of the time, when I pray, I have a specific solution in mind that I’d like God to use as the answer to my prayer. I try to tell myself that it’s plain ol’ fashioned good etiquette to offer a solution rather than to just whine about something. (Yeah – that’s it… […]

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