Running With Scissors

Everything in Israel that is devoted to the LORD is yours.  Numbers 18:14 (NIV)


My youngest son – age two – is a runner.  It doesn’t matter how I design an activity, he turns it into running time.  Running is also part of his rebellion.  If he gets caught playing with something he shouldn’t, he takes off running with the object.  It isn’t until he’s just about to get caught that he flings the object one direction and continues running the opposite way.  He believes that this item (scissors, paint, a knife, etc.) will make his life much more fun.
The reason he runs with the item I had said “no” to is because he believes his life will be more fun/exciting/enriching, ultimately better, with it than without it.  He doesn’t trust that his parent has his best interest at heart – He thinks he knows better.There are many times when I am not trusting God that he knows what is best for me.  There are many times when I [metaphorically] grab the scissors and take off running because I am scared that it is the best way for me to survive, feel fulfilled, be supported, or whatever the concern is.  In that moment, God has all that I need and is wanting to share it with me – but I’m too busy running because I think “I’ve got this all under control!”
In chapter 18 of Numbers, God is giving instructions to Aaron regarding the duties of the priests and Levites.  He explains how these holy workers will be supported:

All the firstfruits of the land that the people present to the LORD belong to you.  Any member of your family who is ceremonially clean may eat this food.  Whatever is specially set apart for the LORD also belongs to you.  (Numbers 18:13+14 NLT)

He allowed his priests to partake in the most perfect first fruits, the best selections from all of the Israelites belongings.  He gives them full access to the items brought to HIM for sacrifice.  Whatever is completely set apart for God’s use (as sacrifice or for destruction) – this is what God is sharing with his workers.

In today’s world, the wandering in the wilderness looks a little different but it is still there.  And who are these blessed priests today that get to partake in the sacrifices given to the one true God?  We are.  I am.  All believers are.  Check it out:

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.  (1 Peter 2:9 NIV)

Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, all believers have become God’s chosen people – a royal priesthood – able to partake in whatever is set apart for the LORD.  His grace, his compassion, his wisdom, his joy, his peace, his understanding are all here for us to partake in with Jesus!  What an awesome present!

Challenge: Whenever I feel my chest tighten with stress, I will resist the urge to run and instead remember that I am his special possession and ask Him to provide the faith I need.

Dear Lord, thank you for being my portion and allowing me to share in your grace.  You have called me out of darkness and want to share your light with me.  Please give me the courage to trust that your ways are best even when I can’t see the full picture.  Amen.

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