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So don’t be afraid
Matthew 10:31a NLT

I don’t know what your experience with higher education was like, but my first two years of it were unfortunately similar to the credit card that I was approved for when I turned 18: I know I spent a LOT of money on it, but I don’t remember what I got with it.

Don’t get me wrong – I love to learn. If I could afford to be a college student for life, I would. But I think I would rather do it “Jesus-style” rather than State University style.

  1. Jesus spent the length of ONE CHAPTER [in Matthew] formally educating the 12 disciples. No prerequisites… none of them had any prior disciple experience and that was okay! (See Matthew chapter 10) 
  2. Jesus didn’t ask for money – the only thing this education cost was DEFM: Drop Everything and Follow Me (“Don’t take any money with you. Don’t carry a traveler’s bag with an extra coat and sandals or even a walking stick.” Matt. 10:9-10a
  3. “Cared” was an understatement for how Jesus – the Master Teacher AND Son of God – felt about this training. Jesus talked the talk AND walked the walk.  (Jesus explains in detail that these Disciples will be persecuted for their faith just like HE is persecuted for his – Matthew 10:21-33.)
  4. Jesus specifically called the people he wanted as Disciples. They were known by name – not just a number in a huge lecture hall. (Matthew 10:1-4)
  5. All of the disciples training was hands on, other than this one chapter of “lecture-style teaching”. (Chapter 10:5 says “Jesus sent the twelve disciples out with these instructions:” and then the first verse of chapter 11 says “When Jesus has finished giving these instructions to his twelve disciples, he went off teaching and preaching in towns throughout the country.”)

And the core classes? Here’s the CliffsNotes for the original 12’s Bachelor of Science in Discipleship:

Go tell the good news to the the next wave of messengers: the Kingdom of God is near!
Give freely and generously from the gifts and training I have given you.
Don’t bring protection or supplies; let people be free and generous with you.
You will be treated poorly. Hated. Hurt. Killed.
[above all else]

What does that mean for me/you/us today? Just by reading Matthew 10, we also have our BS in DS. We are the next, next, NEXT wave of messengers – and we can take Jesus’s commands to heart, too. We can tell about God’s awesome Son, we can be generous with others, we can let others share their gifts with us, and we can be brave and love beyond the code of Hammurabi.

Go. Share. TRUE LOVE.


Dear Lord, your perfect love casts out all fear. Please help me remember your simple, strong commands to the original 12 disciples. Flood me with your boldness, wisdom and Holy Spirit so that we can continue their great mission. Reveal ways to use our BS in DS every single day in real, loving ways. Amen.

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