God’s Secret Decision-Making Formula


When you make decisions, are you more of an instinctual, “go with your gut” type of person or do you prefer to gather data and weigh pros and cons first? Maybe a little bit of both (and then pray like crazy that you made the right call)?

Decisions are hard!!! Even when I think it’s a simple choice, I usually find out later that there was much more to it than I realized. It makes me want to know if there’s some secret decision-making formula that God shares in the Bible.

Yep. There totally is. It’s in the book of Jude and it’s so subtle that, if you’re not looking for it, you might miss it!

“These are the people who divide you, who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit.”

Jude 1:19 NIV

In this section, Jude is writing about people who are living for themselves, rather than for God. Jude is saying that these people are guided by natural instincts without input from the Holy Spirit. So, there are two ways to make decisions:

  • follow natural instincts
  • have Holy Spirit wisdom

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure most of my natural instincts are directly tied to my five senses and my desire to survive. But, Holy Spirit wisdom… that’s a whole different ballgame. The Holy Spirit isn’t held back by any of the things that my human brain is. The Holy Spirit’s wisdom is able to take into account things that my human brain can’t even comprehend without his help!!

Now THAT is what I want. When I make decisions, I want access to wisdom that goes beyond my human reach. I want guidance that works from the framework of eternity, not just this life.

So, God’s secret decision-making matrix looks something like this:

My human dilemma (instigated by my natural instincts) + God’s Superhuman Holy Spirit Wisdom = Good Decisions

And how do I have access to God’s Superhuman Holy Spirit Wisdom? That’s the coolest part – it doesn’t require a huge IQ, amazing work ethic or even access to a pastor 24/7. It’s a gift from God. The Holy Spirit is ours through faith. It’s nothing I can earn or buy. It’s just mine because God is awesome.

How about you – tell me about a time that God’s secret decision-making formula led to you taking a path in life that your gut wouldn’t have led you down. You can share below in the comments or email me privately at Emily@messyworship.com.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I am so thankful that you don’t leave me alone to make decisions. I’m sorry for all the times that I relied only on my instincts and left you out of my process. Help me to stay tuned into you and your Holy Spirit for guidance. Amen.

Photo by Burst on Unsplash

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