Struggle with Anxiety? Try This.


One of the most quoted verses in the Bible is 1 Peter 5:7. It says, “Cast all your anxiety on him for he cares for you.” Have you heard that one before?

I don’t know about you but I’ve always struggled with that verse a little bit. Okay, a lotta bit. I think a lot of the struggle comes from wanting to analyze the problem to death in the hopes that I can unscramble it myself. I can’t do that AND give it to God – gotta do one or the other. (Have we talked about my tendency to be a bit of a control freak yet…?)

I think the other part of the struggle is in the word “cast.” That word just sounds like what I do with my jammies every morning once I’m dressed for the day – fling them on the chair. I can’t do that with my anxieties!! These things aren’t just day-old jammies! These are thoughts/feelings/fears/questions that may have a tremendous effect on my future. I’m not just going to “fling” them over to God.

I KNOW IT’S SUPER WEIRD THAT I THINK I CAN DO A BETTER JOB WITH MY PROBLEMS THAN GOD. I get it. But no matter how weird or illogical that thought process is… I get stuck there.

Anyone with me on this one?

So, I’m going to try something different. I’m going to try to visualize God as an expert scientist in a forensics lab and my anxiety as a crime investigation.

  • Visualization: My job is to come to him with the crime scene evidence (the subject(s) of my anxiety) carefully packaged with beautifully specific labels and perfectly preserved fingerprints. Reality: Journal and/or pray to God about everything that is causing my anxiety in detail.
  • Visualization: I will gently “cast” them into God’s sterile workspace. Reality: Say (out loud or internally) “God’s got it.”
  • Visualization: Walk away from God’s incredible crime solving lab and trust that the evidence is in expert hands. DO NOT RETURN TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME OR STEAL BACK THE EVIDENCE!!!!! Reality: Every time I’m tempted to worry about the same problem, remind myself that I already completed my part – I gave God the evidence. HE solves the “crime,” not me. (I may also repeat to myself “the evidence is being processed in the lab right now.” because it will make me feel more like an MI-5 agent or something.)

I realize that this might not work for anyone else out there, however, I believe God has an appreciation for creativity. AND, the point is that I continue to remind myself that God doesn’t think of my problems as day-old jammies. He cares about ME and what is important to ME and he will treat everything in my life as precious, even my problems.

What helps YOU do 1 Peter 5:7 with your day-to-day worries? Share your thoughts/ideas/crime scene evidence below or email them privately to me at

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for caring about me and giving me a unique way to connect with you through my worries. Help my trust in you to grow exponentially every day. I’m sorry that I doubt how much you love me. Amen.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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